Marina Nespor

Marina Nespor is Professor in General Linguistics and is affiliated to the ERC Project PASCAL on language acquisition at SISSA, Trieste, Italy. She has contributed to the understanding of prosody in human language and its role in giving a cue to syntactic structure. The present research program of Marina Nespor concentrates on the sound system of language and how this conveys information about syntax, on the one hand, and segmentation of the speech flow, on the other hand. Within this general line of research, she has concentrated on:

– Rhythm, its relation to word order, and how rhythm may help acquire different aspects of language.
– The function of different segments – consonants and vowels – for different aspects of language acquisition
– The different cognitive mechanisms responsible for the basic order of words in the languages of the world.
– Deafness of prosody in the acquisition of second languages in adulthood


Talk Title: Investigating the infant mind, some pieces of our experience.

Date: March, 11th

Time: 19:00-20:00