Useful Info

  • Arrival information

    The 5th version of the LASchool will take place in San Pedro de Atacama, located in the North of Chile around 1.634 km from Santiago the capital of our country.

    The nearest city is Calama, which is connected to San Pedro by a highway around 98 km of distance.
    The event will be held at Hotel Cumbres, located at the edge of the ancient town of San Pedro de Atacama.

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    International Arrivals

    All passengers travelling with a Passport issued in Australia, Canada or Mexico, must pay a reciprocity tax before entering International Police. Once the payment receipt for the Reciprocity Tax has been attached to your Passport, you must head to immigration control.

    In order to enter Chile, all passengers must go through immigration control with international Police by presenting their identification documentation (ID Card or Passport) and stamped visa (depending on the country of origin).

    3. CUSTOMS
    Passengers have the right to enter – free of customs duty charges and taxes – the goods that constitute their luggage.

    Upon entering the country, it is necessary to declare the entry of certain goods as for example vegetables, meat, plants and pets.

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  • Maps & geography

    Chile is located in the south western portion of South America.
    Its continental length is approximately 4.200km and 8.000 km if you take into account Chilean Antarctica.
    Our country also includes Easter Island or Rapa Nui and Chiloe Island, besides Juan Fernández archipelago and San Félix, San Ambrosio and Salas y Gómez islands.
    Chile borders Perú to the North, Bolivia and Argentina to the East separated from them by the Andes Mountain, Pacific ocean to the west and South Pole in the south.

  • Languages

    The official language in Chile is Spanish, although there is a still few aboriginal languages in use sush as Mapundungún and Rapa Nui.

  • Health’s issue

    San Pedro de Atacama has a high altitude desert weather, with a big oscillation of temperature between day and night.

    In summer the temperature ranges from 27º during the day and 16º in the night with a high solar radiation.

    Because of this, we recommended to bring summer clothes as t-shirts, shorts, bathing suit, sun blocking, sun glasses, hats and also warm clothing for the night.

  • Currency

    Chile’s circulation currency is the Chilean Peso.

    Dollar or Euro exchange rates should be checked according to the date of the trip, but is around 560 pesos = 1 US Dollar or 776 pesos = 1 €
    Currency can be exchange freely in Banks and exchange establishments, no especial documentation is required. Also, the Airport offers these services.