Orsolya Koos

Dr. Koos is PhD in cognitive development and is finishing a second PhD in Family and Child Psychotherapy, at the Anna Freud Center in London with Professor Peter Fonagy. She is expert in Mentalization-based Psyhotherapy, a theory-of-mind pragmatic short-term psychoeducational treatment methodology, which is a well-researched and accredited form of ‘scientifically based’ psychotherapeutic approach, with strong ties to cognitive developmental research on theory-of-mind development, as well as mentalization competence for communication, natural pedagogy, pragmatics, and relevance theory.

Her work have been focused on the early interactive determinants of Disorganized Attachment in dysfunctional mother-infant interactions, with a special focus of maladaptive patterns of interactive contingencies, early sensitivity for contingency detection and analysis, and its potential consequences for early learning and education.


Talk Title:  Dysfunctional communicative environment in infancy and it’s developmental consequences..

Date: March 18, 2015

Time: 08:30-09:30